ロサンゼルスのガゴシアン・ギャラリー(Gagosian Gallery)で現在、「GYATEI2」と題し、村上隆による新たなエキシビションが行われている。カニエ・ウエストがショーで着用したペイントされたコスプレについてインスタグラムで説明している。
「僕は、ミュージックビデオ『I Love It』で、カニエ・ウェスト(Kanye West)とリル・ポンプ(Lil Pump)が着用していたコスチュームを着ている。ミュージックビデオを見た時、そのコスチュームの中に、アートがどのように評価され、消費されているかについて、全てが詰まっていると思ったんだ。アートは、この100年以上もの間、常に変化を遂げ、著しく変わった」


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<Kanye Cosplay Painting> 1. This is me, cosplaying as a character in Kanye West and Lil Pump’s music video for “I Love It.” 2. When I saw this video, I felt that it incorporated every single aspect of how art is appreciated and consumed, which have constantly and significantly been changing over the past 100 years. I’ve had various thoughts while working on this cosplay. 3. The answer to the question, “What is art?” may seem unalterable, yet in reality it is ever changing with time. Only a handful of iconic artists and their works survive each era to be remembered, and knowing only about such artists and works, we tend to think their universality was destined from the start; but that’s not necessarily true. While the artists live and their works are in progress, they constantly change, emerge and disappear. Whether an artist can maintain the audience’s interest over time determines whether they would become a true maestro, who ends up creating masterpieces. At the moment, masterpieces of the distant future are vying to be relevant on social media, and we are entering a new phase where this is creating the distortion in the essence of values. 4. By the way, I have been obsessed with Instagram for the past several years. From morning to night, I am looking at other people’s timelines and posting things myself; I color correct my photos and search the accounts of those I need to acknowledge and tag, sometimes taking up to two hours just to make one post. And what I consider the most important on Instagram is gossip, including fake news, paparazzi, as well as silly scandals and stories about celebrities, film and music industries, game culture, and fashion industry. There are people and pages discussing serious topics such as economic and political situations necessary for surviving in this world, how to make the world a better place, or the meaning of war and peace, but I pay little attention to those. Rather than getting upset about the fake news, I find the essence of human life, the center of its pointless, empty space, in Instagram. 👉 Continue…

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アートの意味に加え、「I Love It」は、インスタグラムが政治的な影響や、想像力を養う力を持つことを、アーティストに考えさせるような作品でもあった。それはまた、ヴァージル・アブロー(Virgil Abloh)のような変革者の影響力に関しても。村上隆は、今回のエキシビションに関するインスタグラムの投稿でカニエへの賞賛を表し、その賞賛が同エキシビションにどういった形で現れているのかを説明している。


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